What we do

Laboratory of Comparative Primate Cognition

What We Do

Organization of Monkey Memory

Studying memory in monkeys helps us answer questions about which aspects of memory are general characteristics of primate memory and which are uniquely human (or uniquely monkey).

Great Ape Cognition in Collaboration with Zoo Atlanta

Our partnership with Zoo Atlanta allows us to explore cognitive differences and similarities between primate species by conducting analogous tests in rhesus monkeys and apes. 

Comparative Studies of Memory and Cognition in Birds

Our lab recently restarted our comparative avian work, implementing a novel automated technique to study cognition in wild birds.

Social Cognition

By using social stimuli in computerized cognitive experiments, we are investigating how primate learning occurs in a social context 

Who We Are

Led by our principal investigator, Robert Hampton, we conduct comparative studies that inform our understanding of the evolution of memory and cognition in primates and birds. This work also helps define the relationship between human and nonhuman primate memory, and contributes basic neuroscience knowledge needed to develop treatments for diseases affecting memory and cognition in humans.